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Victoria Crescent Plate - 530-0-00 VBO - Herend Porcelain This Herend Porcelain painted w..
VICTORIA Dessert Plate - 1518-0-00 VICTORIA - Herend Porcelain This Herend porcelain painted..
VICTORIA Dinner Plate - 1524-0-00 VICTORIA - Herend Porcelain This Herend Porcelain painted wi..
Victoria Dinner Plate - 524-0-00 VBO - Herend Porcelain This Herend Porcelain painted with Vic..
Victoria Grande Cake Plate - Herend Porcelain This Victoria Grande VICTMC Decor..
Victoria Grande Cake Plate with Orange Flower - Herend Porcelain This Victoria Gra..
Victoria Grande Coffee Cup and Saucer with Blue Flower - Herend Porcelain This Victoria..
Victoria Grande Coffee Cup and Saucer with Pink Flower - Herend Porcelain ..
Victoria Grande Coffee Pot with Orange flowers - Herend Porcelain This Victoria Grande VICTM..
Victoria Grande Coffee Set for 2 Persons - Herend Porcelain - Blue, Pink, Orange flowers Thi..
Victoria Grande Creamer - Herend Porcelain This Victoria Grande Decor (VICTMC)&nbs..
Victoria Grande Dessert Plate with Blue Flower - Herend Porcelain 1 pc. Dessert Pl..
Victoria Grande Dessert Plate with Brown Flower - Herend Porcelain 1 pc. Dessert P..
Victoria Grande Dessert Plate with Pink Flower - Herend Porcelain 1 pc. Desse..
Victoria Grande Milk Jug with Pink Flower - Herend Porcelain This Victoria Grande&..
Victoria Grande Sugar Basin with Blue Flower - Herend Porcelain This Victoria Gran..